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These work ebooks and workbooks (print books) are extremely handy in the classroom. 

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What are they about?

What titles are available?

Who are they for?

How have they been developed?

What’s the content of each creative writing and English work ebook?

How are work ebooks delivered?

How do you order?

What’s the copyright?

How much do they cost?

Site license for work ebooks

What do people say? 

What are they about?

Qwiller English work ebooks and workbooks provide the activities for students to learn about and develop their skills in creative writing in a particular genre or other text types, for example humour writing, essay writing, script writing, poetry or song lyric writing.

The work ebooks can be either printed or used on your computer or electronic device, depending on the file chosen. PDF files can be printed and photocopied and Mobi and ePub files can be downloaded onto e-readers and computers. 

Don't have an e-reader, but still want to access the ebooks on your computer?

Click the links below to download the software: 

- Adobe Digital Edition for ePub files:

- Kindle Previewer for Mobi files:  

The English work ebooks/workbooks have been designed to be used in conjunction with their corresponding units of work, but they can be used separately. Click here for more information about the content and cost of our units of work. We recommend that the work ebooks are used with the unit of work as using both resources develops consistency.
Although our English work ebooks/workbooks are inspired by the Australian English Curriculum and NSW English K-10 Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, they can be used by English teachers and students referring to different English curriculums. They have been designed to be used by students in the classroom with the guidance of teachers.

These English work ebooks/workbooks are for individual teacher use only. The same copyright laws apply as for printed books. Only 10% of content is able to be photocopied. If you wish for all your students to use these work ebooks, please direct them to purchase individual copies or purchase a site license through an annual unit of work subscription. Click here for more information. 

Click here for more information about copyright.

Click here for more information about a site license.

Click here for prices. 

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What titles are available? 

Click here for more information about each individual English work ebook/workbook. Alternatively click on the following titles for more information about each work ebook/workbook.

Years: 7-10

Ages: 11-16

Creating Picture Books

Scary Stuff 

Protesting for Change (poetry and song lyrics)

Humour Me 

Literary Merit in To Kill a Mocking Bird

Ethical Issues in Tomorrow When the War Began  

Years: 11 - 12

Ages: 16 - 18

Life Writing 

The Writer's Guide

NSW HSC English only

The Writer's Guide to Creative Writing in the HSC Examination (Belonging AOS)

HSC English Area of Study: Discovery a work ebook for senior students

HSC Standard English: a work ebook for senior students

HSC Advanced English: a work ebook for senior students

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Who are they for?

The English work ebooks/workbooks are for teachers and students.

The proposed student year and age group are indicated in the information about each work ebook. This is a guide only. We understand that every student has levels of ability that are not always reflected in their year level.

Although each work ebook/workbook has been created with the Australian English Curriculum in mind, the knowledge and skills developed through the work ebook are universal and would easily integrate with other English curriculums worldwide.   

English teachers or schools may recommend students purchase one or more of the creative writing and/or English work ebooks/workbook for use in class.

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How have they been developed?

At Qwiller we consistently research innovative teaching strategies appropriate for teaching secondary students English and creative writing.

The lesson content in each work ebook is determined by the knowledge and writing skills students require to competently complete an assessment task.

Our aim at Qwiller is to minimize the amount of time it takes teachers to be prepared for teaching English in the classroom. Of course, we all have our favourite lessons and these can be used with the English work ebooks/workbooks, thereby enhancing your teaching practice.

Our English work ebooks/workbooks are written by English teachers for English teachers and students. We have an enormous amount of experience teaching students as well as writing non-fiction for the education market and writing stories.  We are realistic about what it’s like in the classroom and therefore aim to develop activities that are meaningful to all student learning styles and needs. This is of course an ongoing process as new pedagogical practices and resources become available.

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What’s the content of each English work ebook? 

  • Assessment task and marking guidelines (for years 7-10)
  • Information about the concept and text types, for example definitions and appropriate audience and purpose
  • Activities that explicitly develop English skills in general and for the assessment task or creative writing piece
  • Activities that integrate the three strands – literature, language and literacy
  • A variety of activities that cater for different learning styles, interests and abilities
  • Word banks and vocabulary activities (for years 7-10)
  • Modelled responses and scaffold activities to support writing
  • Integrated language and literacy activities about spelling, punctuation and/or grammar where appropriate and relevant to context
  • Development of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and creating skills embedded in the information and activities
  • Group, individual and pair activities and discussions
  • ICT components

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How are work ebooks delivered?

  • Once you have purchase your English work ebook, it will be delivered to your nominated email account immediately.
  • Available in PDF, Mobi or ePub files.
  • You can save the file to your computer or ereader for individual use.
  • Purchasing an annual subscription provides you with a site license to use Years 7-10 work ebooks with your faculty and students. Click here for more information.  

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How do you order?

Click here for a list of all resources available. Once you have chosen your work ebook/workbook and suitable file, you will be taken to a checkout. Alternatively click here to be taken to the list of work ebooks.

You can also print an order form and send it to Qwiller. Click on the link below to download a form. 

Order Form

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What’s the copyright?

All of our English work ebooks/workbooks are under copyright – they are for individual use only, unless they are purchased as part of the Annual Units of Work Subscription. Click here for more information about the annual subscription.

Please respect the intellectual property of writers and direct other teachers, Heads of Departments and students to the website for them to purchase their own individual copy. Qwiller offers a significant discount for schools purchasing multiple copies. Click here for more information about the Terms of Use of this website and its e-resources.

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How much do they cost?

As an individual teacher, you can purchase the work ebooks or workbooks for individual use in the classroom or as part of the annual Units of Work Subscription. 

PDF files - AU$15

Mobi and ePub files - AU$15

Print on demand - AU$20- $25 + postage 

PDF + Print on demand $25 - $30 + postage 

Look out for sales. Enter the discount codes at checkout.  

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Site license for work ebooks/workbooks?

The work ebooks/workbooks are for individual use only unless an Annual Unit of Work Subscription has been purchased (workbook - print books not included). Then the work ebooks can be used within the faculty. Click here for more information.

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