Customised Unit of Work and Workbook writing

Most of the units of work and or workbooks you see on this site have been adapted from contracts from schools to write for them. I am now offering to write units of work and workbooks for all schools in NSW and Australia.

Unit of work and workbook writing is like publishing books. I adopt the same processes as publishers for producing and publishing units of work and workbooks.

Some of the benefits of customised unit of work and work ebook writing include:

  • Takes demands off teachers who are already overloaded with teaching and lesson preparation
  • I have more time to research and develop lessons
  • Lessons are tailored to individual students needs at the school
  • Each lesson is fully aligned with the syllabus requirements
  • Units of work and workbooks typesetting according to school templates
  • Unit of work turn around – 6 weeks full time writing.

The process of writing a unit of work and workbook includes:

  • Decide on conceptual overview of the unit/workbook
  • Identify textual concepts
  • Identify Syllabus outcomes and content descriptions
  • Research and gather resources
  • Write a draft of work ebook first in consultation with faculty members
  • Submission of first draft for review by nominated editor (faculty member)
  • Re-write
  • Re-edite
  • Re-write and edit as required
  • Format and typeset the work book
  • Proofread
  • Write unit of work
  • Edit unit of work
  • Re-write unit of work
  • Proofreading
  • Publish
  • Printing if necessary – usually print on demand
If this is something you feel would be of benefit for your faculty, please contact me via email - or phone - 0400110383? Alternatively click here to submit an online enquiry. 
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