Year 11-12 Creative Writing Work eBooks

Years: 11-12

Ages: 16-18

Below is a list of the creative writing work ebooks available and details about each work ebook. Click on and go for it.

New: The Writer's Guide

Life Writing

The Writer's Guide

Available in PDF, Mobi and ePub files

This guide is based on the equivalent guide for the NSW HSC English Examination Paper 1 and composes of information, modelled responses and activities on the principles of narrative writing.  

The Writer's Guide can be used by teachers to teach creative writing (or to write yourself!) and students being guided by a teacher (or just interested in creative writing and would like a bit of guidance). 

The writing composed using the diverse activities in this guide will form the basis of a creative writing piece.



Using this guide

Free writing


1. Developing ideas for writing

2. Playing with language

3. Developing character

4. Characters in your life

5. Developing conflict for characters

6. Point of view in writing

7. Developing a scene

8. Writing memorable settings

9. Writing stylistically

10. Developing plot

11. Structural features of narratives

12. Experimenting with narrative structure

13. Putting it all together

14. Editing your writing

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Life Writing

Available in PDF, Mobi and ePub files

This work ebook will assist students in writing about their life. The writing composed using the diverse activities in this work ebook will form the basis of the life writing piece. Each activity can be completed in 5 − 30 minutes. An explanation of the aspect of life writing, a modelled response and activities are provided.

Click on the following sample pages to find out more about the type of information and activities you will find in Life Writing: a student e-workbook.

Life Writing Content Page

Life Writing Sample Lesson

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