HSC English Group Tutoring and HSC Essay Editing 

One of the hardest things about completing the HSC English Examination is writing your answers to questions for the various sections. Help is at hand. There are two services available to help you optimise your results in the HSC English exam. They are outlined below:

  • HSC English Tutoring Sessions: This is all about giving you the tools to write what you’ve really learnt in English. The current tutoring sessions are titled 'Preparing for the HSC Examination'. See below. Click here to purchase deposit.
  • HSC Essay Editing: Includes individual editing and review of analytical and imaginative responses. Click here for more information. Click here to purchase.

Preparing for the HSC Examination - Writing Tutoring Sessions

Your answers to these questions are below. 

What is it?

Who is it for?

What are the outcomes?

How is HSC English tutoring structured?

What does it cost?

Where, when and venue

What is it?

I am offering 10 week WRITING tutoring sessions for groups of students for HSC English Standard and Advanced students that will help students prepare their responses for the HSC English exam. In other words, they are intensive writing sessions. The sessions have been designed to assist students to write quality responses for the Area of Study: Discovery and all modules.

Many students find these sessions handy, especially at the end of the HSC course as the sessions will help students to write quality responses in the HSC examination. 

Two sessions will be run each week - one for the Standard course and one for the Advanced course. 

Who is it for?

Due to the time and location the sessions are conducted, students in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney or Sydney area would have access to the venue where the sessions will be held. 

What are the outcomes?

By the end of the tutoring sessions, students will have:

  • developed analytical and imaginative writing skills relevant to HSC syllabus requirements

  • written analytical responses for Discovery (Paper 1, Section III) and all modules (Paper 2)

  • written an imaginative response for Section II, Paper 1

  • written responses to the Reading Task for Section 1, Paper 1

  • developed knowledge of their prescribed texts and learnt how to effectively write about them in ways relevant to the syllabus requirements.

How is online HSC English tutoring structured?

Standard and Advanced courses

Area of Study: Discovery:

1 week is dedicated to each section:

Section 1: Reading Task
Section 2: Imaginative Writing
Section 3: Analytical writing

Modules A, B & C

2 weeks for each module


One week for revision

All modules catered for 

What does it cost?

The price includes:

  • a print copy of HSC Area of Study: Discovery - a workbook for senior students

  • individual feedback and recommendations within the writing sessions

  • 10 group tutoring sessions of 2 hours length

  • Sessions focussed on the writing process for analytical and imaginative writing responses

Cost is $1000 for 10 two hour sessions

A $400 deposit is required to secure your spot.

Click here to pay your deposit.

An invoice will be sent to your nominated email address with the balance. Balance is required at the beginning of the tutoring session.

Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

A receipt will be issued.

Payment options are available.

You may also like to consider HSC response editing. The writing you complete during these sessions can be edited for an additional cost. Click here for more information.  

Click here to contact me. 

Where, when and venue

Where: TBA, but in the Randwick/Coogee area



Venue: Randwick/Coogee area - depends on numbers

All is subject to change and depends on enrolment of at least 3 participants.

Once a group is formed, there may be some flexibility with time/dates. 

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HSC English Essay Editing

It may surprise you to know that when your teachers mark your work or look over it for you, they are really being your editor. Their role is very similar to editors of novels and textbooks. 

As an English teacher for over 20 years, a writer, editor and publisher, I have developed skills in assisting others improve the quality of their work for particular purposes. As I write and research all the prescribed texts for HSC English, I have knowledge of not only the syllabus requirements but the key ideas and narrative elements of all the texts. 

Click on the links below to find out more.

What is it?

Who is it for?

How is it structured?

What does it cost?

When does it start?

What is it?

Very simply, you write either an analytical (essays) or imaginative response for the Area of Study: Discovery or the modules for either the Advanced or Standard course. This can be for the preliminary or HSC course and is suitable for assessment tasks or preparation for the HSC examination.

Who is it for?

Editing can be conducted remotely. You do not need to meet up face to face, although this is possible. Therefore any student in NSW can take advantage of this service. All you need is a phone or Skype. You could even use Facetime if you have access to the app. 

How is it structured?

Below are the steps for editing:

Review: The editor reads and reviews your draft analytical or imaginative response. You will need to submit a word document. Using track changes, the editor fixes up simple grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. 

Feedback: The editor responds by writing comments on what is working and how to improve the quality of the response. 

Re-drafting: You, the author of the work, will read the changes and comments the editor has made. You approve any track changes and address the comments. This is the re-drafting stage. The role of the editor is to support the writer to create the best writing possible. 

The editor does not re-write the work for you, but offers suggestions. It is up to you as the writer to consider them and make your own decisions about the usefulness of the comments and suggestions. You are the writer and as such all respect goes to you. You are in control of your writing responses.

Re-reviewing: The editor re-reads and reviews the updated draft. The editor makes additional suggestions and comments if necessary and fixes up grammar, spelling and punctuation issues. 

Final draft: You re-work your writing piece based on additional suggestions and comments. 

Proofreading: The editor reads your final draft. At this stage there may be minor changes to be made to spelling, grammar and punctuation. 

Your essay is now ready to go. 

What does it cost?

The cost is $100 per response - analytical or imaginative.

$100 is for one response to be edited. You can add as many responses as you want to the checkout.

Once you make a purchase you will see a link to details about HSC essay editing. You can send me your analytical or imaginative responses straight away. 

I aim to have a one day turn around for feedback so you can get on with your study and writing.

Click here to purchase.

Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

When does it start?

Editing can begin at any time. It is up to you. The editor works with the individual student and to their time constraints. 

Click here to contact me. 

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