I am one of the very busy tutors in Sydney and use most of your books, which I find of the highest order in which you have put a lot of work and efforts, especially your titles on Richard III and The Curious Dog. Besides, your other books are also equally good. My students and I love your books for the wealth of information they provide. They serve my students well. I have very high regard for your ability as a writer of quality books. My students who perform very well from a number of selective schools and others should feel indebted to you for your outstanding work.

Keep up the good work for the community of English students and teachers alike. You are a source of inspiration to many.

Shashi Kad

Principal Tutor and Owner

SK Tutoring Services

About the discovery book
I think that you should be congratulated on the quality of the activities, the appropriate depth of the topic and the way you have dealt with it. You have included lots of detail which I found very helpful in dealing with this AOS which is a very broad one. I also appreciate the fact that you dealt with each prescribed text. It was well worth waiting for.  I did purchase some other resources on the topic but they were nowhere near the standard of yours. 

Vicki French 

Congratulations for producing such an outstanding book. It is well worth the wait. You did not go for the quick bucks but produced quality stuff as usual. Once again my best wishes to you for the success of your work and project. Keep up the good work. Your honest approach is much appreciated.

Shashi Kad

As a parent, I am comforted by the knowledge that my daughter received expert tuition from Qwiller when preparing for the creative writing component of the HSC English examination. The resources I purchased and the customer service was excellent. Qwiller took a personal interest in the development of my child's creative expression in writing. The activities are simple, yet highly effective. Anyone can write engaging stories using these resources.

Parent of student at Kambala Girls School
Rose Bay, NSW


I started tutoring with Shelley McNamara during the beginning of 2012. I had four units of English and was struggling to manage them against all my other subjects. So I came to Shelley and she showed me an effective way to write creatively through "The Writer's Guide", where it has series of steps that start out simple, such as free flowing writing and becomes more complex, such as writing in a time-limit using all the effective writing skills, that prepares you for exams. I also used Shelley's HSC Belonging Book that is based solely on the Syllabus, and has many activities that prep you for the exams. I used her book every time I had exams, tests or just study. My marks jumped from below average to above average.

Thanks Shelley
J. Teschner
Student at Emmanuel Anglican College
Ballina, NSW


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