Bi-annual Secondary English Subscription - Level 1 - Work eBooks Only - for Years 7-12

Subscribe to Bi-annual Secondary English Work eBooks to access numerous work ebooks written by experienced Secondary English teachers. 

Through using these work ebooks students learn skills in creating, reading, writing, speaking, responding, viewing and representing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to purchase the corresponding workbooks (print copies) you need to purchase these separately.
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What is the annual subscription about?

What titles are available?

Who are they for?

How have they been developed?

What's the content of each work ebook?

How are work ebooks delivered?

How can you purchase the annual subscription?

What’s the copyright?

What does it cost?

What’s the site license?

What do people say?

What is the annual subscription about?

The annual subscription runs from August to August each year. By August of each year new work ebooks will be available. Each year in August membership is renewed and new work ebooks are added. However you will always have access to the work ebooks from the year you subscribed. 

The work ebooks are for English and creative writing. However, HSC titles, such as Discovery, Standard English and Advanced English are excluded.  

The teaching and learning sequences in the work ebooks provide the activities for students to learn about a particular concept and develop their skills in writing, reading, speaking, creating and listening about that concept.

These work ebooks are for the purchasing school's faculty use only. Each staff member is able to store each work ebook on their computer. The work ebooks are able to be transferred to students, although restrictions apply for printing. 

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What titles are available?

Comparative Study of Looking for Richard and Richard III (film and play)

Textual Conversations between Looking for Richard and King Richard III (film and play

Critical Study of Sixty Lights (novel)

Close Study of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (novel)

Reading to Write: Exploring and Creating Modernists Texts (non fiction, artworks, short stories, novel extracts)

People and Politics in W.H. Auden's Poetry (poetry)

Power and Privilege in Fairytales (short stories, film)

Re-Writing Fairytales (short stories, film)

Stagecrafting Cultural Connections (drama)

Spirit Matters (drama)

Cultural Representations (drama)

Existing Titles
Creative Writing
Life Writing
The Writers' Guide
Crafting Writing 

Genre Studies

Creating Picture Books (analysing and creating picture books) - Year 7

Scare Me Silly (a study of horror texts including Coraline by Neil Gaiman and creative writing) - Years 7/8

Humour Me (analysing and creating humorous texts) - Years 9/10

Novel Studies

Literary Merit in To Kill a Mocking Bird - Year 10

Ethical Issues (a study of Marsden's Tomorrow When the War Began)- Year 8

Facing Fears (a study of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness) - Years 7/8

Poetry studies

Protesting for Change (analysis of poetry and song lyrics) - Years 9/10

Ocean Dreaming (a study of texts about the sustainability of the ocean environment) - Years 7/8

Australian Stories (analysis of voice in Australian texts) - Years 9/10

Comparative study

Love, Glorious Love ( Comparative study of Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story) - Years 9/10

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Who are they for?

The work ebooks are for English teachers who teach English curriculums around the world. The proposed student age group for each work ebook is indicated on the information page. Students may also find these work ebooks useful for their own individual study. 

At the moment all work ebooks are aligned with the Australian English Curriculum for years 7-12 and the NSW English Syllabi for years 7-12. However, the work ebooks can still be used by teachers referring to different English curriculums around the world. Click here to contact Qwiller to see how we can cater for your individual needs. Click here for more information about English curriculums.

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How have they been developed?

The work ebooks are usually created in conjunction with a unit of work, but they can be used independently. Firstly we decide on the concept, key questions, unit focus, assessment task and curriculum content descriptions. We also consider cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities. Then we backward map by creating the teaching and learning strategies.

At Qwiller we consistently research innovative teaching strategies and content appropriate for teaching English to secondary students. We strive to make our resources engaging, thought provoking and relevant to students and teachers.

We also base our work ebooks on particular concepts. 

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What’s the content of each unit of work?

  • Information about the concept and text types, for example definitions and appropriate audience and purpose
  • Activities that explicitly develop English skills in general and for the assessment task or creative writing piece
  • Activities that integrate the three strands – literature, language and literacy
  • A variety of activities that cater for different learning styles, interests and abilities
  • Word banks and vocabulary activities (for years 7-10)
  • Modelled responses and scaffold activities to support writing
  • Integrated language and literacy activities about spelling, punctuation and/or grammar where appropriate and relevant to context
  • Development of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and creating skills embedded in the information and activities
  • Group, individual and pair activities and discussions
  • ICT components

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How are resources delivered?

  • Once you have purchased your annual subscription, you will be sent an email with log in details.
  • From there, you will be able to access the work ebooks and save them to your computer. 
  • PDF files are used. Each faculty member within the school is able to do this. They can also been transferred to students.
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    How can you purchase the annual subscription?

    Click here to be taken to a list of resources. Click on the link to the subscription and you will be taken to a check out.

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    What’s the copyright?

    All work ebooks are under copyright – they are for faculty use only.

    When you purchase a work ebooks annual subscription for your faculty, the faculty is entitled to:

    - transfer each work ebook to members of the school's faculty

    - print each unit of work and work ebook once only

    - display each work ebook electronically with the class through Smartboards, etc.

    - transfer work ebooks to students to use.

    A remuneration notice must be given to a Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) if educational institutions wish to photocopy for educational purposes under the Act part of each work ebook after it has been printed once. Then, a maximum of 10% of the unit of work and work ebook is allowed to be copied or photocopied by any educational institution for its educational purposes. For details of the CAL license contact: Copyright Agency Limited, Level 15, 233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. Telephone: (02) 9394 7600. Facsimile: (02) 9394 7601.


    Transferring files to teachers, students and the general public outside the purchasing school's faculty is strictly prohibited.Please respect the intellectual property of writers and direct other teachers and Heads of Departments to the website for them to purchase their own subscription. Click here for more information about the Terms of Use of this website.

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    What does it cost?

    As a faculty, you can purchase the bi-annual subscription to access all units of work and work ebooks available. 

    Bi-annual subscription for units of work and work ebooks: 

    One year membership - $500 (enables access to all units and work ebooks for two years - can be downloaded, permanently stored and shared) 

    Membership ends Nov 2021. By the end of Nov 2021 the membership can be renewed when new units of work and work ebooks will be added.

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    What’s the site license?

    An annual subscription purchase entitles you to use the work ebooks with the school's faculty members and students. 

    Contact Qwiller to find out more.Click here to contact Qwiller.

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    What do people say? 

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