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Exploring Power and Privilege in Fairytales: a student workbook (Print)

  • $30.00
  • For years 9-10

    Suitable for NSW English Syllabus K-10, Australian English Curriculum and state-based curriculums

    In this workbook students will explore how power and privilege have been represented within and through fairytale texts by analysing the fairytales genre. Students will also explore symbolism and motifs in fairytales and adapt archetypal characters. They will develop an understanding of the context of fairytales around the world by analysing the audience, purpose and history of fairytales and the context of Disney fairytales. Students will explore how fairytales continue to be told and retold and evaluate cultural perspectives in fairytales from diverse cultures. Analysis of how fairytales are reinvented in new contexts will also be explored so students can reinvent the fairytale genre in ways that reflect their own ideas about cultural perspectives. Students will develop skills in reflection through reflecting on their own processes of learning and creating as well as on texts. 

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Exploring Power and Privilege in Fairytales: a student workbook (Print)
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